4W Washing Robot

This robot can be used for washing of the inside of windows, marble for private homes, offices and storefronts.

Main Features and Specifications 4W Window Cleaner Robot

  • Applicable on one single glass window, mirror or marble
  • Artificial Intelligence technology applied
  • Long distance remote controller
  • Can be used on frameless Window
  • Automatic stop after work completed
  • Cleaning speed up to 2-4 minutes / m2
  • Specially designed fibre mopping cloths reusable
  • Built-in Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
  • 3 different Washing modes.
  • Highly reliable Anti-falling algorithm
  • Auto or Manual remote control
  • Weight 1.2Kg
  • Size 24 (L) x 24 (W) x 10 (H) cm
  • High strength safety rope holds up to 150Kgf
  • Low power consumption (65W, 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz)
  • Certification CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Applicable on single glass, minimum size 40 x 40 cm
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Do you warranty your product ?
Yes 2 years on the robot, 1 year on the internal battery.

Do you have Customer Service?
Yes we’ll react within 48 hours to your issue or questions.

How should I clean the robot?
(Dry)clean the robot with a microfiber cloth. Cleaning with water or cleaning solution is not recommended.

Can the robot be used outside?
Yes, as long as the surface is dry, moisture will disrupt the AI function and robot may start sliding.
Can the robot work wireless?
No connection is needed to provide enough sucking power to the glass.
The inside battery is solely used for security. When there is a power outage the robot will stay on the window for 10 minutes before falling off, beeping sound will occur for warning.
How do you get the best result on dirty windows?
Moisten the microfiber pads lightly with GlassEx before first washing cycle, then
change the pad with dry blue version and start the cleaning cycle again.
Can it clean a Solar Panel?
Yes, as long as the minimal angle is 30 degrees. The robot won’t work on flat surfaces.

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