4WASHING BV is a Dutch technology and marketing organization which sells exclusively façade/ window- and solar parks washing systems to Solar park owners, Building owners, distributors, installers, dealers and trading companies.

4Washing® systems provides solutions for adequate facade and Solar PV parks cleaning. Reoccurring costs are dropping, combined with savings in labour and insurance costs and adding lumen and more KwH are pleasing owners/principals.

4WWWWIE BV was founded in 2008, and is doing business as 4WASHING BV.

If you’d like to become a licensed dealer, please feel free to contact us regarding possibilities.

Dutch Department:

Kolgans 14
1191 SK Ouderkerk a/d Amstel
E: info@4washing.com
P: +31 (0)6 22273465

Swiss Department:

Fabrikweg 1
5502 Hunzenschwil
E: kaelin.ruedi@4washing.com

Feel free to call or e-mail us, we’ll contact you within 48 hours.

We are open from 10am — 5pm on week days.