How does the system work?

The ready-to-install horizontal profiles and two vertical profiles have an integrated washing device, to be installed in new buildings and renovation projects. With same components and profile systems installations on Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic (BIPV) and rooftop solutions available. The systems are weather and windproof, very solid and sustainable. All used materials are 100% recyclable, CO2 free, making it green innovation.

In rest position there is nothing to see differently on the façade , at start of system water will be released through the horizontal profile, then the rolling brush (covered by a cover) will travel  down till programmed distance, stop and go back to starting position at a speed of 1 yards per minute.

How much water is used?

This varies per project, our current model uses 1dl for 2 m² window per cleaning of one minute.

How does the water come out of the upper profile?

Depending per project there are several options:

Option 1
Fill water reservoir manually from the inside of the building.

Option 2
Direct connection from water net with flexible lines to the horizontal brush.

Option 3 (the greenest solution)
For new buildings: capture and store rainwater to be used for the cleaning.

What happens with the used water?

The systems use very little water 50ml per m², which will run off the building. This water could be captured and be re-used.

How about when it freezes outside?

The water supply will automatically be shut off at freezing point (33 degree Fahrenheit). The system can operate without water and the ”dry” washing will give the window shine.

And when there’s lots of wind?

The façade systems are incorporated in profiles and have certified products for extreme weather conditions, comparable with sun-screening products that are shut off automatically with high winds.

How about the Patents, Copyrights and Trademark?

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